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Curva Aqua, Set of 2, Metal Wall Art


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This original metal wall art set of 2 complimentary pieces are created on an aluminium base, which is worked by hand to create subtle patterns that will become unique with the lighting of your room.  Next, crushed recycled glass, dyes and liquid resins are hand thrown to create this stunning effect.

Backed with 20mm rubber feet, and secure, adjustable disc hanging system, this floats the artwork away from your wall creating a subtle shadow.    

Finished with silver and copper lining, and being hand made, each one is slightly different and unique to you. 

You can customise this piece to your requirements, either size, shape, colour. Please contact to discuss.  

*Caution, this item is made with crushed recycled glass, so sharp edges within the artwork are possible - not suitable for a child's room.

  • Thrown by hand - each pair unique
  • Hand made in the UK
  • Custom design, colour way or size - Please contact us

Category: abstract and decorative, blue, Metal Wall Art

Type: Art

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